School Health

School Health Nursing Services are provided by the Health Department to the MadisonHolliday, and Middle Grove school districts. Services provided include health, hearing, vision, and scoliosis screenings, immunizations, immunization record verification, health education, head lice checks, assessment and treatment of sick students, and training to school staff on pertinent subjects such as medication administration, CPR, first aid, and asthma.

A parent may receive letters from the school nurse if the child fails his/her hearing or vision screening. In this case, the nurse will send home a letter stating the results of the child’s screening with recommendations for further evaluation and treatment, if necessary. Also, the nurse may send home letters regarding a child’s immunization status. Regulations regarding required immunizations for school attendance are frequently changing, and letters home are reminders that a child will need shots to avoid vaccine-preventable diseases. Allowable exemptions from immunizations include religious exemptions and medical exemptions, which must be physician-approved.

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