Communicable Disease

communicable diseaseCommunicable disease surveillance is a critical service aimed at protecting the health of the county citizens, preventing or controlling communicable diseases, reducing the burden of chronic disease and safeguarding the public.

Communicable disease prevention is comprised of disease investigation, prevention and care. Protection of our county from the threats of uncontrolled communicable diseases is an essential responsibility of the public health system at the local level, in turn reporting to the state and federal level.


If you have been bitten by an animal or exposed to a communicable disease ...

Should you suffer an animal bite or feel you have been exposed to a communicable disease, for the community's safety please immediately contact Rita Arnett LPN, Communicable Disease Nurse, at the Health Department to initiate safety measures and investigation. We will advise you on steps necessary to prevent further illness.

The control of communicable disease follows fairly basic principles; detection, identification, investigation and intervention. Disease control has become categorical. Disease programs such as tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, immunizable diseases, animal bites contributing to rabies risk, etc. are separately addressed.

The local role in communicable disease is responsible for collecting reports of laboratory confirmed diseases or conditions, collecting disease surveillance reports from sentinel systems, collecting and tracking reports on disease outbreaks occurring within the county. Of vital importance is conducting prompt investigations of known diseases and illness and implementing local control measures for illnesses, diseases, and injuries.